There's only one way to do it...the HARD way.

Fitness model, Sarah Farr, working out with Richie at Stohn Hard Fitness.


We are deeply saddened by the passing of our beloved friend, husband, father, and trainer, Richard Stohn. He helped so many people and monumentally changed lives. As we deal with the grief, we are burdened by the overwhelming costs of the funeral and we need to help his family get back on its feet. If Richie touched your life in some way and you can donate to the fund, we would forever be grateful for your contribution. Arrangements will be made shortly and we will certainly keep every one posted. Thank you again and we love you very much.

- Amy Willis on behalf of Christi Stohn 


Have you ever wanted a Stohn Hard body, but couldn't make the hours or pay for one-on-one training? Well now's your chance! Richie and new badass trainer, Chris, are now offering group classes (4-6 people) on Saturdays for $25/hr. More times/days will open with availability. Men & women welcome, ages 12 and up. 
Boxing/Lifting/Plyometrics/Flexibility. Get lean and mean!

Call Chris at 832-433-3750


Richard Stohn - Boxing and fitness personal training. Call now! (832) 298-7698

Stohn Hard Fitness and Boxing offers "one-on-one" boxing and weight training. This one of a kind personal fitness training will knock the pounds off and give you that classic lean boxer physique. Whether your goals are weight loss, self-defense or if you want to get in the ring, Richie can take you to the next level. He is a former Golden Gloves boxer and has over 30 years of experience. Located inside Costa's Gym off of Jones Rd. in Northwest Houston, Stohn Hard Fitness offers training for everyone from beginner to pro. Call today!

1 hour one-on-one personal training session = $75
Bring a friend and get a discount! 2 people = $90 ($45 a person)

2 days a week = $550 / month*
3 days a week = $800 / month*

*Package deals will charge credit/debit cards automatically every month. Sessions must be used within a 30-day period. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Stohn Hard Fitness does not offer group training or classes.


Boxing is extremely gratifying and the hardest workout you will ever LOVE! It makes me feel stronger inside and out! Richie is the BEST! So full of life, so positive, so inspiring, so motivating and just a true joy to know! Somehow he makes a butt kicking miserable FUN!  
- Kimberly Ponthieux Overby

It's a COMPLETELY different kind of work out. Combining my weight training with boxing training is definitely a step up. Go Stohn Hard. . . or just go home.  - Tori Ahrens

If it wasn't for Richie than i would loose all motivation for working out...he takes working out to a whole new level, he know how to push me hard...he is passionate about what he does and that shows in the results of his clients. - Taylor Steele

Boxing takes fitness to another level, and Richie always motivates me to push harder than I ever thought possible. He's always energetic and is passionate about helping his clients get results. Stohn Hard Fitness got me in the best shape of my life and I wouldn't go anywhere else. - Amy Willis

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